How much money exactly makes a member of the European Parliament: Monthly Earnings Breakdown

July 9, 2024
Entrit Senia

In a period filled with economic struggles, extreme ideological beliefs, people on the verge of poverty, alienation of young people from any activities and publics that are elastically offered and a European society where it is declining, morally and culturally, we are asked to choose some people whom we consider suitable so that our voices and our opinions are heard through them and they represent us in the European Parliament.

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However, the majority of candidates did not find themselves in the position of an employee who is paid the minimum wage (for example 800 euros in Greece) and cannot pay for basic needs, let alone think about his future, entertain himself, spend time creatively his time or to start a family. Throughout my professional and non-professional career, seeing and knowing growing up the institution of society and the members that make it up, I developed the perception that hierarchy exists in everything that goes right in the world, from the jungle and its animals where they have own unwritten rules, even a company where every employee has duties, obligations and rules, written and unwritten. In both cases where I mentioned above, most of the time the member has to put in a lot of effort to be able to rise to the higher echelons of society. What would you say if I told you that most of Greece's politicians do not have even 1 hour of work in their workforce? Nevertheless, they manage, make decisions and listen to the difficulties and needs of the place.

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Good huh? Wait until you find out how much they are getting paid for these services.

The Paradox of the employee

Since ancient times, we have learned that the politician is an employee of society, of the citizen, and a democratic way has been voted so that he can be the voice of hundreds of thousands of citizens where he represents them.

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I would like you to think of a business, a company, a work environment or an organization where the employee "collects" (because in this case the politician never worked to earn anything), at least five times more money than his superiors.

Take your time to search well and think, only when you get tired, because you are never going to find such an example, take a look below.

The Youtuber who became Politican

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Α fairly well-known, mainly among young audience, Youtuber, named Fidias Panagiotou, was elected by the citizens of Cyprus as a member of the European Parliament by collecting. Without having any idea about politics, he was appointed to represent his country in Europe.

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Below I am attaching the video which lists one by one his monthly earnings as an MEP.

He said epigrammatically:

"I get €8,000 a month in my pocket. In addition to that, every working day I come here in the parliament and sign in, I get another €350. Apart from that, I have €30,000 per month for the salaries of my team. Also, I can have an office in my country, and they give me €5,000 a month for that."

"In Addition to all of that, i have also €4.000 a month to promote my work that i'm doing here in the parliament."

"Another cool expense: I'm allowed to use €10,000 a month to bring people here to the parliament for a few days to meet and understand what we're doing here."

"In addition to all this money, I get some benefits, like having a driver here in Brussels to drive me around, and also business class tickets to fly back to my country."