PS4 Pro? Nah, PS5 Hold the Phone? Maybe Not: Why Gamers Are Sticking with Their Last-Gen Consoles

May 18, 2024

The PS5 has been out for a while now, but not everyone's racing to upgrade from their trusty PS4. Here's a look at why some gamers are holding onto their last-gen consoles:

The Price Tag Pinch:

  • Sticker Shock: A brand new PS5 can be a hefty investment, especially compared to a well-loved PS4 many gamers got at a lower price years ago.
  • Game Cost Bump: New releases often come at a premium on the PS5. Gamers might not be thrilled about paying extra for the latest titles.

Availability Blues:

  • The PS5 Hunt Continues: Stock shortages have plagued the PS5 since launch, making it difficult to find one even if you have the cash. Upgrading becomes a waiting game for some.

The Game Library Dilemma:

  • PS4 Treasures: Gamers have likely amassed a sizable PS4 library. While some games work on PS5, not all are fully backwards compatible. Upgrading might mean leaving some favorites behind (or paying extra for upgrades).
  • Exclusive Enticement (or Lack Thereof): The PS5 boasts impressive exclusives, but the library might not be enough to convince everyone to ditch their PS4 if they're still enjoying a backlog of great games.

Beyond the Hardware:

  • PS4 Perks: Some gamers might simply be happy with the performance and features of their PS4. They might not feel the need to upgrade if their current console is still meeting their needs.
  • Diversifying the Fun: Gamers might prefer to invest in upgrading their PC or exploring other platforms like the Nintendo Switch, offering different gaming experiences.

The Choice is Yours (Player One):

Upgrading to PS5 brings undeniable advantages: stunning visuals, faster loading times, and the thrill of new exclusive titles. However, the cost, availability, and backwards compatibility considerations can give some gamers pause.